Meet RaiTafari

A bit of info about me…

I go by Rai Tafari. Rai as in a ray of light. Tafari meaning “Who Inspires In Awe” I like to think of my life as a light constant pressing on to shine brighter. I made a big change to move from humble West Philadelphia to embark on my dreams as an emerging stylist in Soho.

My blog is about discovering what I learn from the journey I take myself on.  I express myself daily through my personal style, make up, and communication. I have an introspective way of observing my reality. I appreciate the lessons learned daily from what I experience. I honor and acknowledge all of my feelings so that I am aware of my needs and growth. Like most artists I am deeply critical of my works. I created this space for me to express myself and be grateful for myself. I hope my journey can uplift and inspire others.

Moor describes a historical name for people that migrated out of the continent of Africa to predominately settle in other lands and cultivated the wealth of knowledge and culture that we see present in our society today. There attributes and contributions were so great to our society go largely unnoticed.