New Moon in Pisces

This New Moon In Pisces has most intuitive folks experiencing vibrations on a whole ‘nother level. It has been a season of hail storms destroying and cleansing everything in the way not strong enough to resolve the water works. Rightfully so, I’ve been praying that anything within me and around me that is not going to connect me to the Highest Good be removed from my being.

Consequently pain and grief follows. Letting go is never easy especially when your feeling yourself be stripped of what you thought was a quality and what you thought made you, well you. Grief, guilt, pleasures, and people. Now let’s get into it.

Leaving New York moving back home I brought a ton of personality with me. The past few years were dedicated to trying something new, exploring and observing. Now that I am back in what is considered to be an unchanging environment I am really able to analyze what kind of people I want in my life.

Being more discerning of character is something I neglected to adapt to. I allowed energies to openly mesh with mine and making allowances for their energetic needs. No more. This moon alerted me to boundaries that have no choice but to be set. This means certain characters no longer have a place in my lineup. This means certain conversations will no longer be had. This means certain activities will be laid to rest.

This means growth above all. The Aries season is approaching and a New Astrological Year is just ahead. While I have been teary eyed and distant this past cycle I am born a Fearless Ram. I’m coming into my power and charging for my destiny.

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