Last Minute Halloween Looks

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m a sucka for having an excuse to dress up and go out. I would do it everyday for a living if it paid right ::thinking emoji:: Anyway I love the idea of dressing up and being around a ton of other idiots dressed up for the holiday. I’m not here for the spooky haunted house life. Nor the pranks and scary bloody costumes. I’m more of a plush fantasy kinda gal. I always think of the Simpson’s Halloween episode when everyone became the costume they were dressed as. So… with that sentiment in mind cash me outside looking like the most glamorous magical being ever.

I’m always in awe at the creativity that people come up with. Cosplay from Moana, celebrity costumes, body paint. I enjoy to see what others transform into. My Halloween begins as ends with, ‘Myself As…’ Last year I was a mermaid check out a previous post to see the transformation. This year I had every intention to be a peacock…. then I got caught up in the hustle and bustle and did 0 peacock preparation.

This week I got around to creating a solid four looks for Halloween this year. I developed what I like to call last minute Halloween looks. These looks required minimal preparation and were honestly quite low in costs. I used materials I already had. Which I’m a crafty person it’s no surprise I have this and that lying around and can morph it into a gem.

The Unicorn

To achieve this look I used NYX Liquid Suede, its a cream lipstick however I was able to effectively blend the purple and lavender hues on my skin. It was very light coverage not heavy at all. I had some over-sized magenta craft glitter from Target that I used to highlight. The pièce de résistance my unicorn horn: I began with a to strand twist base, i then wrapped purple kanekalon braiding hair around the two strand twist into a peak. Viola! I am a Unicorn.

The Goddess

This look was all about the Glow. I used Becca Highlighter in Topaz to accentuate the cheekbones, nose, fore head, and chin. I got my hands on some magical gold flake from a craft store in Mid-Town. The gold flake was the perfect finishing touch for this Glowing Goddess. On the eyes I used the Morphe palette Warm Tones.

The Witch

Achieving this witch look was all about the heavy contour. Although Halloween is the perfect time to be dramatic, less was more. I didn’t want to overpower my magical powers with heavy eyeshadow. The moon on my forehead was drawn with Kat Von D eyeliner.

The Warrior

For this fierceness I wanted to keep all the attention on the eyes. I used a blend of the Moprhe Warm Matte and Shimmer Palette to create the strong band. On her lips is Matte Royal by MAC.

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