On My Life I’ll Be Gone By September

September has just started and already I feel like its treating me so well. As the month approached I could already feel the air start to shift and change. The summer was cooling down; the sun is setting earlier and earlier. The focus for September is always back to school, back to work, back to something…

During Leo Season, the body discovered its passions and what was needed to sustain the dreams we desire. The previous Star Season I needed to figure out what was best for me and go after it. At that time, my goals felt unattainable. I didn’t quite know what I was capable of or what I could actually do. I had so much untapped potential but I was scared  and unsure what to do with it. Now I’m ever so grateful to see the buds sprouting out of the ground from the seeds I planted. I got organized and started making better use of my time and energy.

This week I start not just one job, but two! I start at two new salons this week as a stylist, one salon in New York and the other in my hometown Philadelphia.


I’m thrilled to work at Abl Hair Studio! Abl stands for Art, Beauty, Love. The hair studio is an intimate salon/ healing studio in Williamsburg. Here I have a space to develop myself as a stylist.


Rasa Salon is an all natural hair salon located deep in Philadelphia. The salon specializes in loc maintence, protective styles, and creative updos. Rasa is a space to learn new techniques and styles.

This feeling I’m having is akin to a new beginning. The last time felt this fresh and positive was back in college watching the leaves turn from my bedroom. Before that was when I was going back to school as a child waiting for the bus to pick me up from the corner. The connections are still being made, I’m meditating on the revelations however the mood feels powerful. I’m about to be gone this month, going deep into myself, to a good place. Focusing on self love, care, my service, and people. Ase


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