Journey to Afropunk

It’s like three days away from Afropunk and I’m clueless about what I’m wearing. This is the first time I’ll be attending both days. I’m so excited to see SZA and Solange that’s the top of my list, duh. Sampha, I’m ready for too, I love his voice it’s like hot tea. I also heard he’s really captivating live. Macy Gray and Willow Smith. I’m also just going to pick some bands I’ve never heard before and check them out. 


This was me last year. 

I love serving goddess vibes. This is my  “Oshun Dress” I like to call it is one of my favorite silhouettes. The train is long and flowy, however the shorts still give me the frame to show off my legs. I want to show off my legs again, I love my legs. I also love the yellow and this dress. 

Did I mention how much I love receiving clothes? My co-worker gifted me this beautiful piece I can’t wait to wear it.
Aight so boom! I got one piece down. I’ll deck out with some accessories I know it will come together like a masterpiece. I still have to find something for sunday. I’m thinking like crochet tops and shorts, I know I want flowers in my hair. Friday night I wanted to go shopping but I ended up doing a dope color job on my friend. 
Adrianna’s Afro Punk Hair

Saturday arrived. I had an amazing day. This was the first time Afropunk was sold out on a Saturday. Macy Grey sang us into the evening. Sampha carried us away with his soulful voice. SZA was great! Had everyone bouncing and vibing. Solange was long awaited had everyone feeling lifted. 

So excited for Sunday! I wanted to see Shango, Anderson Paak, and Kaytranada. My cousins were linking with me today I was so excited to be around them and my girls. I did some dope body paint on Adrianna who boldly bore her chest. ​I got my Flowers in my hair. The dopest goddess outfit was thrown together last minute. I’m living for Goddess vibes. 

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