Reiki or Crystal Kings

My first experience with Reiki Healing was incredibly inspiring. I am a believer of the art form and I am teaching myself. I knew of Reiki healers but I have never witnessed an experience myself. In the beauty industry I’m constantly using my hands to provide services to clients. Each day I set intention onto their being; blessings of love, determination, and peace. It’s something I choice to do to help heal their crowns. As a hair stylist I find it is important to be aware of the energy coming my aura as I am in contact with others. Hair is an antennae I’m hoping my clients pick up good vibes. 

Anyway back to the first experience I’ve had with Reiki. A Crystal King was very persistent about coming to my aid once I get sick this last weekend. The illness stuck out of nowhere and truthfully it felt like an energy attack. I was fatigued, crying, and in a strange state of stress. He generously offered me a Blue Lace Agate Crystal that would help with my throat. He strung it on a choker I got from Forever 21. 

I laid down flat on my back as the Healer began to scan my energy. Behind my eyelids I could see the frequency begin to shift to a horizontal pattern. Like a TV picking up on white noise, the readings were scanning for information. He was very pleased with my aura which was described as bright purple with a green inner layer. That affirmed that my loving actions were manifesting change. 

Well into the experience, he noted some very personal things that I was carrying in the form of energy. It was an incredibly vulnerable moment. The tears were full. I drew the metaphorical knife out of my womb. We agreed to move onto the next chakra point. As was moved so did the energy. Laughter was shared and my aura grew.  I felt warm and very light. 

I think that some are gifted with certain abilities that allow them to shine. They already exist with a sense of connectedness.  As healers we are so connected that our senses can register energies and emotions that others are burying. Things they don’t want people to necessarily know about, old unhealed wounds. My summer cold left quietly into the night I recovered easily. Days after the experience, I still feel light and refreshed. As obstacles come my way I’m not taking on the weight, the energies of others aren’t affecting mine in so many more ways. 

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