Life is a Numbers Game

In the past, it was a treat to catch the time as it struck 11:11, I was given the opportunity to grant myself a wish. It marked a special moment in the measurement of time. Life was so busy or rather I was too distracted that the time 11:11 only slightly brought me to some kind of resonance with a world greater than my own. 11:11 used to stop my time. It brought me to a pause and caused me to think deeply about my needs, wants, and desires. 

After some time I believe I began to draw the energy of 11:11 to me. Nighttime was was only time 11:11 met with me, like a good night prayer. When I began to see the time during the morning hour I knew something in me was changing.  Seeing the time more frequently allowed me the opportunity to take more pauses and listen to the messages of the universe.
Most days for the past few months I have been working to tune my mind and body to a different frequency. A higher frequency. I’ve been taking screenshots of the time each time I catch an angel number. Numbers are more divine than we give credit and number sequences can be messages sent to us from that Divinity. 

After months of record keeping it seems I programmed my body to only check the times at these time. When you witness these numbers arranged in a code like sequence the Divine is telling you to pay attention. 

1:11 – 1 marks the beginning. It’s stand alone nature requires independence and creativity. 11 connects and brings together. It reminds self to relate to the higher self. 111 is a message from the higher powers to the self to remain positive as manifestation is happening in this very moment. 

1:23 – 1 in this sequence represents motivation and starting anew. It invokes a self starting nature with assertiveness and intuition. 2 is a reminder of service and devotion. Aids balance to the self when cooperating with other beings. 3 defines self expressing and a refinement of skills and talents. Altogether this code 1:23 is a reminder of positivity when takin steps to achieve a goal. 

2:22 – 2 is created by the addition of 1. 2 consequently 2 requires focus and consistency in two elements of life. Spirituality and reality. 22 adds the value of balance when manifestations are brought into your life. Life is both good and bad, yet it makes sense. While between two worlds 222 reminds one to look for the neutral road and to have faith. 

3:33 – 3 signifies that growth indeed is happening. 3 represents the Trinity. When mind body and spirit come together there is a genitive flow of openness and creativity. 333 is a reminder that a connection to a higher power is strong and light love surrounds you. 

4:44 – 4 represents the inner work one does to complete their intentions. 4 is cardinal and true describing the elements and directions. Therefore 4 regarded the truest of intentions. 444 encourages that the path is true and encourages one to keep going. 

5:55 – 5 suggests metamorphosis and change. To the third power 5 amplifies opportunity and expansion. 555 makes the significant changes taking place are Divinly ordered. 

10:10 – In this instance 1, reminds you to create. 0 represents unbridled potential. 10 represents personal development and spiritual awakening. 1010 attracts an abundance of positivity into your life. Focus on your soul purpose. 

11:11- This is the code of activation. The abundance of 1 draws positivity into reality.  Manifesting allows powerful energies into the creation of powerful experiences and realities. 

12:12 – In this sequence, 1 inspires assertiveness leading the 2 which encourages the devotion to a higher power. 1212 requires one to release their fears and let eternal light guide them. 

12:34 – 1 encourages taking the first step. 2 signifies devotion to the soul plan. 3 sees the expansion of talents and concepts. 4 stabilizes growth and change. 1234 is a code to simplify the steps moving forward. 

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Pay attention to your thoughts and intentions. The purpose of the wish is to believe in your self. It’s to stop and consider what you need or want in this very moment. Wish. Pray. Manifest. 

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