How To Tell If You Are a Cat

  1. Its all in the eyes. Cat People tend to have intense gazes.
  2. Cat People are low key- high key spiteful. You know who’s a cat once you share a space with them. These are people who knock things over and don’t pick them up. They hide things that don’t belong to them. They sometimes make intentional messes. If your secretly or openly this petty your most likely a cat. 
  3. Are your headphones, cords, or necklaces typically tangled each time you try to use them? You might be a cat. The universe is feeding into your counter-clockwise cat nature by providing you with a little inconvenience. You will most likely enjoy the de-tangle as cats love playing with stringy objects.​
  4. Alternatively you probably misplace a lot of necessary stringy objects. Robe belts, Shirt strings, shoe laces, and headbands.
  5. When in the company of individuals you don’t like, your body language is very strong. Short of hissing, Cat people may stare deeply at an individual. Their posture may become very constricted and tight. They create distance if you get too close they may swat you!
  6. Cat people are easily amused they enjoy simple things.
  7. Cat People are also easily distracted. Light, moving cars, flying birds, dust particles. Anything will catch their attention.
  8. Cat People can sleep for hours on end. Catching them Zzz by any means necessary. 
  9. To an outsider, a cat person has dimensional doors. A cat person will walk by you going in one direction, moments later they walk by you again going in that same direction.

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