Thank God for the Waters

I’ve been in the process of trying to ween myself off of my bad habits and regenerating new ones. One step at a time to ensure long term success in my life long self care plans. Water is my favorite beverage however the child in me is obsessed with fruity juices and sweet teas. In the past I’ve overlooked the labels and ignored a lot of the harmful and sugary ingredients that went into them. Always aware of their presence in most foods that I buy, often times regrettably still partaking in consumption.

After a few weeks of thinking, how will I accomplish a notable change for myself to stick with, I figured out what and how! I came across a photo of a beautifully in shape fitness model whose choice beverage was lemon, raspberry, and rosemary. If all a girl has to do is drink that then its on!

For this water I used:

6 lemons:: 5 Cloves of garlic:: 2 stems of Rosemary:: 2 small cartoons of raspberries:: Eyeballed a squeeze of honey

To start I halved the lemons and placed them in a pot to boil. I added in the garlic however I gently sliced the cloves then prepared to boil the mixture. (These two alone are a healthy brew if one is fighting a cold) After about ten minutes of the brew boiling i turned the water off and added the rosemary as well as the honey. During the brewing process the raspberries were rinsed and strained. Once it cooled it was time to add the raspberries.

I prefer to serve this for myself cooled or chilled. Once I found a 3 gallon container with a tap, I knew I was in the beginning processes of changing my life swag. Currently serving myself one glass this morning as I type…

I wouldn’t preserve water for more than 4 days. Typically the fruit starts to decompose inside the water and it’s not good to drink the water at that point. If you want to maintain the water for at least 5-6 days there is an alternative. You can remove the fruit from water after allowing the water to steep for at atleast 3 hours. This method extends the water’s shelf life. Allowing the fruit to remain in the water provides for more flavor. 

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