Mystical Me: Earth Signs

Earth is grounding and secure. Consequently people fortified by the Earth Element are very supportive and reliable. They are very hands on physical people, much of their belief is developed by the senses. Their dreams and ideas must feel tangible in order for them to move down that path..

Earth turns ambition into material success. They are almost always very practical people. They are very invested in work and production based activity. Very good at starting projects and consistently managing details. Earth can sometimes be stagnant and unchanging. Not typically the most emotionally vocal people. Earth signs prefer not to invest to much energy sharing their feelings unless they trust you. This attribute can sometimes come off to be very passive aggressive. However that stubborn nature can adversely be used to bring about massive changes.

Compare Earth signs as people to the physical manifestation of earth in a natural elemental form. Earth is the foundation all life flourishes upon. It is very necessary to have a strong and sturdy foundation when so many count on the ground for support. Earth is resource. A material that can be refined to increase the wealth. Earth also serves as a scale for the value of wealth. For example: gold, oil, paper product, plants; all are sourced from the planet Earth all have specific levels of value. Earth signs enjoy the value of work and the value of reward. They each pursue wealth in their own established ways with individual scales of value. Each of the signs operating like their own precious mineral.

Taurus is the first Earth sign in the Astrological Age. A Taurus’s energy and presence can resemble stone is that of a geode rock; very hard or rough yet conceals a beautiful crystal within. It is the nature of Taurus to be secretive and sensitive. A Taurus will always appreciate inner beauty in people. 

Virgo’s appear next on the Earth line up. Virgos are like vast fertile soil with endless potential to stimulate growth. Virgos are very calculated and detail oriented individuals. There is always a hands on element to the work of a Virgo. 

Lastly, there is Capricorn. The Capricorn is like a precious metal. The precious metal is form of earth that has been refined and exchanged for manifesting. There is a determined of value involved when observing the nature of Capricorn and how they move. 

 Although this is my personal belief, I’ve noticed that Earth Signs are created with a solid form. Meaning they are very strong and maybe bulky presenting people’s. Earth bodies seem very weighted and grounded. It’s just an observation as I believe the Astro Realm finds ways to impact the physical body. 

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