Mystical Me: Fire Signs

Light is inspiring! Light changes perspective and provokes change. It reveals needs and desires. Fire can be a tool of light or renewal.

A fire sign will be the first to tell you how you make them feel, what they think, and what they plan to do about it. They are impulsive people that thrive off their instincts with reactive cores. They are passionate people that prefer to live thru their desires. Others tend to look up to them and see them as revolutionary spirits due to their instinctive nature. They are leaders, creative individuals, and generous people.

To understand the fire signs it would be best to analyze the nature of fire. The flame is the visible portion of the fire. The bright tantalizing light that both illuminates and attracts. Comparatively, people of the fire element draw people to them as well as fill up spaces with energy. Their presence is very strong and noticeable, whether they are introvert or extrovert. All fire signs will serve as a trial by fire to those around them. They have a combustible nature, willing to turn up to create change in situations that require renewal.

As a result, fire signs need to recharge their energy more often than the other elements. Whether its extra sleep or personal time. They can often come off as self-absorbed to each other and outsiders. It’s very true part of their essence, however it’s a critical function to the nature of fire. As fire signs grow their aggressive and self involved nature becomes tender to the touch.

Aries represents the single flame. Visualize a candle light with a soft glow. This is the nature of Aries- the first flame. Sensitive to environment however provides enough light and energy. Ready to consume what seems to douse its flame out. The primary function of the Aries flame is to remain lit within itself.

Leo is a dual flame. A Leo is like a torch creating a vibrancy and order. Leo represents a synergy between inner voice and their presentation of self. More mindful of their fire instinctually and able to illuminate wisely not solely for the benefit of the self but the relationships they share.

Sagittarius is the final fire sign. Like a fire place, they have a very warm nature that is willing and able to attract many. They are focused on the greater good and ignite change regarding matters of satisfaction.

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