Outfit of the Day 

This post is the summation of all the looks and concepts I challenged myself to create during my personal fashion week.

Day 7: This outfit was pieced together in a flash. I wanted to embrace something different. I haven’t worn two puffs on my head in years  Everything came together quite cute

Day 6: A day of understanding a peace plus some environmental changes. I ran around all day in the rain. So comfort and warmth was the move. Feeling Earthy as always. Stay grounded.

Day 5: Panther Power! Channeling my inner cat goddess I just had to wear something to represent my political stand point today. Black excellence and women’s rights.

Day 4: On point! Feeling like a flower I decided to go all out with this green thermal and magenta thermal tights paired with my Betsey Johnson vest. Did I mention I love Betsey Johnson?

Day 3: Rainy Day Vibes

It was a cold rainy day in Soho alas I was not removing my head wrap. Staying in my boho gypsy lane was the wave My cut out sweater looks great with my chunky silver neck plate. I kept my jeans dark and lovely with my rubber spiky rain boots. 
Day 2: I was crampy and in no mood for anything constraining. What better way to mask my discomfort than to wear tights and a concert t-shirt? Pinned my hair up into a faux hawk and paired a dope chain from Aldo and some Betsy Cheetah earrings.

Day 1: Preppy

I went for a somewhat preppy vibe today with this dark green blouse. The amulet is a stone set with matching moonstone earrings. My favorite brown leather boot on my walkers.

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