Make Up Challenge

After I started my nail challenge I realized that everything had to be cohesive. This involved my hair, makeup, and my style. I’d have to put on each day would wouldn’t be a problem I love to play with makeup. This challenge is a good way for me to test out trends that I like. On a deeper level it’s a form of self care that’s fun and I can commit too, because I work in a salon its important that my appearance is on a bean.

Day7: Glow with Lime Green tipped Cat Eye paired with Violet and Blue Ombre Lips

Day6: Soft Blue High Light with Natural Toned Eyes and Gold Lips

Day4: Rose Gold Glow with baby pink eyes and Lavender Lips.

Day3: Smokey Eye with Baby Pink Lips

Day2: Natural eyes lined with a dramatic wing and a Burgundy Lip

Day1: The most neutral natural look I could create

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