Joyful Nails

My first attempt at sculpted nail flowers was a success. I’ve gotten compliments all week. One of my clients said she felt my nails were joyful!

This time around I didn’t want to use any polish.  I have a wide variety of acrylic colors, the entire spectrum of the rainbow. I have been working on sculpted nails and sculpting shapes with my nails. I really wanted to work on creating flowers. I mixed some loose color pigments as well as glitter in with my Opi odorless acrylic powder. (In most cases it’s the monomer that creates the harsh chemical smell not the acrylic but I like to use the odorless option anyway).

I’m the end I got this beautiful joyful result. For my first time it came out quite well. I diode some caviar beads and crystals in for some added flair. 

Next time I use the flowers I want to do an all black set with a bright 3D floral arrangement. Look out for this look soon.

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