First Purchases of 2017!

These are my first purchases of the new year! I’m very excited to start to actually enjoy shopping. I’m usually one to spend two minutes in the store in and out.  This year I’m deciding to take my self care seriously on all fronts. That means stepping my make up game up. No more cheap pencils to fake to fleek. 

1. I’m super late on the uptake but as I said my beauty supply store pencils were treating me just fine. I am still very pleased to finally own Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. I take the shape of my brows very seriously,if I can perfect them in $1.99 crap pencil imagine the work I’m going to do with this product. I have had flawless fleeks since the first day of 2017!

2. While walking to the check out at Sephora the Naked palette by Urban Decay caught my eye. My eyes needed some shimmery delight. I appreciate this palette because of the matte and shimmery colors. Urban Decay doesn’t  always have pigments that suit melanated skin. The Naked and the Naked Smoke are my favorite this far. 

 3. This season I’m in love with rose gold. Well I’m always in love with rose gold. It was a toss up between the topaz highlight and the rose gold highlight by Becca. In this season thelighting is very dim naturally. The pink brightens my face while the platinum undertones reflect well off the winter sky. 

4. Who doesn’t love a good find at Buffalo Exchange. I love Imteresting patterns and mix match in prints. I think it’s in Aries nature to get away with making bold fashion choices. This sweater is by Ming Shi Sheng Nuo I’m not to familiar with this brand but I want to look more into them to find more styles by them.  

5. Lastly I found these super cute shoes at a steal. I love the sleek look and the thick strap. I can’t wait to find some other pieces to pair them with!


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