Pinky Passion

This matte slash glittery mani was such a surprise. After playing around for what seemed like hours testing polish colors and designs I became very pleased with this look. I didn’t want to overwhelm my nails as the removal from my Big Money Green holiday look was quite extensive. This look was simple yet cute!

Once again I used K2 Nail Paint, a black women owned hand crafted polish right out of Brooklyn. I went for Frosting which is a pretty pale pink that looked amazing under OPI’s matte top coat. I also used K2’s newest color Golden Rose, I’m a sucker for Rose Gold anything! On top of the Golden Rose I sprinkled some glitter.

I know this look won’t hold to well during the week. Only because matte polish has a tendency to collect some shine as time goes on. I work with hair and my hands are constantly under water. Repainted the matte too coat won’t prevent the oil smudging. However it lasted for about five days before I decided to try some thing new. Can’t wait to show you what’s next…

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