Sea Goddessen

If I were truly a fishy creature I would be Queen of the Seas with a crown to sit atop my long flowing curls. My scales and tales would be bright and radiant. My body would be adorned with the finest shells and anemones under the sea.



I was able to outsource for creative influences for this transformation. I’m so used to producing myself by myself. In the past year I have met so many creative individuals who are challenged to push their limits by some of my ideas. Some process of course where more successful than others. That was the beauty of collaboration and choosing to work with someone. You may not always get the results you seek however you learn what others are capable of doing and aligning that with your talents.

Betty Chantel and I giving you Black Disney Winter Realness. With Miss Chantel staring as Maleficent and Miss Rai as The Little Mermaid.

My inspiration for this Halloween look was Disney’s Ariel by design as well as some Diana Ross Supreme influence. I purchased my holographic Mermaid fin skirt at CoquetryClothing shop on Etsy. My sequined top was an amazing find at Buffalo exchange onWest 26th in Manhattan. I was so excited to find such a perfect top.

I am a self proclaimed jewelry junkie. I just knew my Betsey Johnson watch would pair nicely. I have a good friend in Union Square who makes crystal jewelry. I gave him some shells from Aruba and he went to work creating a lovely crown topped with quartz crystals. He also made a nice assymetrical hanging shell earring set for me.

A special thanks goes to professional makeup artist Maylin Chaliz at ColorWorks Salon in Midtown Manhattan. As well as Chenise Burrow, “the Nail Tech for the Nail Techs” at Jakari Salon in Queens.


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