Ohm’s Law

Ohm is the Sound of all Sounds. Created by the Most High. An omission of Ohm is in ordnance with the soul, ultimate reality, and supreme spirit. The Beginning and the End. ॐ. Taking a deep breath and breathing thru your own frequency releasing your ohm feel your body connect to the vibration of your self and the cosmos.


This tattoo was whimsical but the intention was not. It is a special reminder for my inner self. Who sometimes still struggles. Peace is my goal. If I can ascend to the most peaceful state possible in this lifetime I’d be grateful. I decided to get the Ohm to remember my vibrations are important.


In moments of intense pressure, rocks and minerals are hard pressed into diamonds. The pressure is the work that reveals the glory. Which just so happens to be my birthstone. The Diamond tattoo is a reminder to shine. I reflect light revealing a beautiful spectrum.

My first tattoo reads, Vybz Cartel lyrics, “Mi Fi Gi Yuh Love Til The Day I Die.” A message from the love of my life who unfortunately passed on to the next world. He taught me not to let the sun go down when there is still anger in my heart. A concept that I’m still working on. Sometimes I judge too harshly and hold onto mistakes. I will be one to say that about myself. I’m learning from my imperfections and forgiveness is the path to unconditional love.

I have a lot more that I want to get however in waiting for the experience to happen that will encourage the mark I intend to leave on myself.

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